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Babies aged between 6 – 18 months are generally best suited to First Treks courses. If you have a query or special requirements, please contact us for more details.

Your baby’s clothing requirements depends on the weather conditions expected on the walk whilst remembering that the great British weather can be changeable! On wet and windy days warm layers with a waterproof outer layer work best including a cosy hat, gloves, and double socks!  When the sun is shining keep babies skin protected using sun cream, long sleeved clothing and the backpack’s shade.  We will always check babies temperature at regular stops because whilst we may be warm from exercise, baby could be chilly and need an extra layer of clothing.

No, sorry! – Each baby requires 1:1 adult supervision and each child booked into a First Treks course must use a child carrier. This allows you to focus on the session and your baby.

Prepare to be adventurous if baby needs a change! Some of our walks start and finish at locations with toilets.  During walks your guide will be carrying temporary shelters and changing mats to facilitate changing your baby.  Please bring a small amount of items required to change your baby.

Yes – You may already be enjoying walks with your baby and have equipment you and baby are comfortable with. Please do join us and meet your future walking companions!

No – whilst dogs make fabulous walking companions, they require close attention and detract from the learning experience of course participants. Please do not bring dogs on First Trek courses.

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The walks are based in West Sussex, focusing on the low land countryside around Haywards Heath and the hills of the South Downs National Park.

The First Treks six lesson course costs £120 per baby.

We adapt our walks to minimise the affects of bad weather so will only cancel walks in exceptional circumstances. We will stay in close contact with course participants to make sure you are best prepared to enjoy your session.

No – Whilst dogs make fabulous walking companions, they require close attention and detract from the learning experience of course participants. Please do not bring dogs on First Trek courses.

No – You may have experience walking with baby and are interested in taking part in ad hoc sessions. Next Treks are designed to be longer walks in adventurous surroundings and so it is important you have taken part in the First Treks course to ensure you and baby are comfortable with longer treks.  It also allows you to build positive relationships with potential walking buddies!

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Yes – you and baby may feel most comfortable using equipment you already use. Please feel free to experiment with our child carriers at any time during the First Treks course.

The child carriers are fitted with a removable face pad which are washed at the end of each session. The insides of the child carriers are cleaned at the end of each session and disinfected with baby friendly products where necessary.

When used correctly the child carriers will provide you with the safest means of transporting your baby along the walks chosen by First Treks.

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Next Treks

Next Treks are usually based in the South Downs national park choosing longer and more adventurous routes. Walks in the lower lying countryside will be selected if windy and wet weather is forecast to provide shelter from the elements.

No – we will continue to provide you with a child carrier to enjoy your walking adventures with baby! If you have a child carrier please feel free to use it with us and enjoy a discounted session price!

Next Treks cost £15 per 2 hour session. If you have invested in your own child carrier we offer a reduced rate of £10.  You can block book 6 sessions at a 10% discount.

Unfortunately not – when crossing fields containing livestock even the best trained dogs can create a hazard for you and baby.